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God’s Big Promises – 3. You Have a Way Out God’s Answer to Temptation

1 Corinthians 10: 13 We’re in a series called “God’s Big Promises: God Says You Are, You Have, You Can, You Will.” So far we have looked at 2 of God’s Big Promises: You Are Forgiven: God’s Answer to the Problem of Guilt. You Are Never Alone: God’s Answer to the Problem of Fear. Now we come to the 3rd promise: You Have a Way Out: God’s Answer to the Problem of Temptation. Let’s begin with the fact - We were born with a sin nature that rebels against God (Ephesians 2: 1 - 3). Consider the “heroes” of the Bible. Abraham lied about his wife. Sarah lied to God. Lot compromised in Sodom. Jacob cheated his brother. Moses struck the rock in defiant anger. Elijah complained against God. David commi

God’s Big Promises – 2. You are Never Alone God’s Answer to Fear

Hebrews 13: 5 We all have burdens and concerns that keep us awake at night: What will tomorrow bring? Will our health hold up, or will we have a heart attack or a sudden stroke? Will someone we know test positive for the coronavirus? Will we end up wasting away in a hospital? What about our children? What if something happens to them? Who will take care of us in our old age? Singles wonder if they will ever marry. Married couples look at all the divorces and wonder if they will make it. Will we live to see our grandchildren? We wonder where we will be in 10 years. The coronavirus pandemic reminds us we are not in charge, and we are more vulnerable than we dreamed. No one imagined a global


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