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Christmas 2017 6. Consummation: God Reigns

Revelation 21 - 22 A good way to understand the Bible is not just by looking at small sections but by seeing the overarching meta-narrative. God’s plan and the plotline of the Bible stretch from Genesis to Revelation – all 66 books are woven together by a single storyline. The story of Scripture is about the glory of the Saviour. We’ve been learning to view the content of Christmas through a panoramic lens - 􀀀 Creation: God Makes. At Christmas Christ came to cover our curse by dying in our place on the cross! We discovered that the opening verses of John 1 parallel the first 5 verses of Genesis 1. Adam brings death and Jesus brings life. We’re all born in Adam and need to be born again thr

Christmas 2017 5. Salvation: God Gives

John 3: 16 A pastor met a church member out in the community and asked why he didn’t attend services on a regular basis. The man replied that the sermons were so-so and lamented, “Every time I go to church you sing the same songs!” The pastor asked him which songs he was referring to. The man replied, “O Little Town of Bethlehem and Joy to the World?” Whether you’re here every week or once a year, we’re glad you’re here! In order to better understand who Christ is and why the Father sent Him to earth, we’re going to set up shop in one verse today. This verse contains deep truth but it comes with some danger – because it’s so well known, you may nod when you hear it or just nod off. Familia

Christmas 2017 4. Incarnation: God Comes

John 1: 14 Here’s a question on Christmas Eve. How can we be certain that what happened on that holy night is not a hoax? How do we know that the news about the nativity is factual and not fake? Can we be sure this is “good news of great joy for all the people?” We’re hearing a lot recently about fake news. While bogus reporting has always been around, it now spreads like wildfire on Facebook and Twitter. These scam stories are often sensationalist and extreme, designed to inflame passions or prejudices. In other words, truth takes a backseat to emotion because feelings have effectively replaced facts. Relativism is more relevant than reality. That can certainly happen on Christmas Eve wh

Christmas 2017 3. Covenant: God Pursues

Jeremiah 31: 31 - 34 We’ve been learning in our “Christmas: From Creation to Consummation” series that it’s helpful to see the whole story of Scripture as God pursuing people who have been running from Him and ruining their lives in the process. We’ve moved from the creation to the link between the opening verses of Genesis and the opening verses in the Gospel of John. We learned that if want hope in order to cope we must hold onto the past promises of God, we must lean into God’s present provisions and we’re to look forward to future fruit. Today we’re going to retell God’s salvation story using the major covenants. Properly understood, the Old and New Testaments are really first and seco

Christmas 2017 2. Hope – God Promises

Luke 2: 38 Thanks for joining us this weekend as we give glory to God by celebrating the good news of great joy! Jesus has entered space and time out of love for you…He wants to know you and wants you to know Him! We’re in a Christmas series we’re calling, From Creation to Consummation to help us see that the coming of Christ is the main event of the entire Bible – from Genesis to the Book of Revelation. Our focus today is on the theme of Hope as we think about the promises of God that have been fulfilled in the Christmas narrative. Christmas is all about coming. God the Father came to us through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ…to save us from our sins. Now we in turn can come to Him to hav

Christmas 2017 1. Creation: God Makes

Genesis 1: 1 I’ve been fascinated and frustrated about something for many years. Have you noticed how companies have shrunk the size of their products while keeping the packaging and pricing the same? • Bars of Soap. Have you noticed that there is now a chunk of soap missing from each bar that you buy? • Peanut Butter. Reduced the standard size by adding a concave dimple in the bottom without changing its height. • Ice Cream Containers. When consumers started complaining, some manufacturers explained that the smaller size fits better in the freezer! It’s almost like they’re doing us a favour! By the way, when you see “Same taste, new look,” on a label its likely code for a downsized c


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