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Sunrise Service - What Jesus' Resurrection Means For Us

Good morning, Welcome to the sunrise service! You are the chosen frozen few, and we’re glad to see you all here. As I was preparing for today, I did a little research into where sunrise services started. I figured they started from Jesus’ day, but found that modern Sunrise Services started only 300 years ago or so, by a group of Moravians – that’s a Church denomination, by the way, not a country. The story goes that a small group of young people decided amongst themselves to wake up early for Easter Sunday and go and worship God together before the sun rose. They met outside their Church and began to spend time singing worship songs, praying, and I presume they quoted Scripture rather than r

Easter 2016 - Celebrating the Resurrection

Easter Sunday 2016 – Celebrating the Resurrection Key Text: Rom 8:11 It cannot be understated how central Easter is to Christian tradition. It is, theologically; the definitive holiday. And by holiday, I mean holy day and not break. It is more central than Christmas and in fact is the reason for the power and hope of the believer. So this morning I want to do something a little different and simply retell the story and in doing so we can recapture the true meaning of this wonderful holiday! When we look at the Easter story we see that it is… The story of the resurrection: As was so illustrated for us this morning by Greg; early on the first day of the week, Jesus rose from the dead. Many of

Good Friday - God Has Done It!

GOD HAS DONE IT! There are days when it is an exciting time to preach, and there are days when it is a more solemn occasion; today being one of the latter. I’ve considered preaching what we have in Scripture for Good Friday and sending you home; but if you took that message to heart, you’d go home shaking in your boots with terror, as the disciples undoubtedly did that first night after they saw their Saviour crucified. Today’s message will be taken from Psalm 22, and you can turn with me there. Psalm 22 has two parts – the first describes the torment and anguish of the psalmist, and the second part covers the praise that comes after the pain. We’re going to cover both today, so don’t worry,

The Cries of Christ From the Cross 7. Born to Die

The Cries of Christ From the Cross 7. Born to Die Luke 23: 44 - 46 Do you ever feel like there’s a brick wall between you and God? Does He seem far away and distant? As you read through the OT, you can’t help but recognize that God is holy, majestic, and separated from His people. There’s a definite doctrine of divine distance. Close contact with the Holy God of the universe was formal, and somewhat limited. When God spoke to Moses, He told him in Exodus 19:21: “Go down and warn the people so they do not force their way through to see the Lord and many of them perish.” The “Most Holy Place” was off-limits to everyone, except the High Priest. There was a thick curtain here, which was also cal

Those Who Followed 5. Gideon

Those Who Followed 5. Gideon Key Text: Judges 6:1-8:35 I am always amazed at the incredible and impossible things that God has done in me and through me over my few years of life; I don’t say this to boast; I say this because most of you have no idea who I was before I got saved. Many of us here tonight can also share of incredible things that God has done in them and with them; and the reality is that when we stop and reflect on the journey to those incredible things; we have to conclude that theses only happened because God is God; not because we are who we are. As we finish off our series on those who followed; we settle on an unlikely follower of God; Gideon. What I love about the st

Those who Followed 4. Joshua

Those who Followed 4. Joshua Key Text: Joshua 24:15 We are in week 4 of our series. Tonight looking at Joshua, the man who took over from Moses. And in his own right Joshua was an incredible man with a ton of things that we can say about who he was and how he followed God. But if there was one thing that we can say; or one thing that we can take away from the life of Joshua we find it at the end of his life in Joshua 24:15 5 And if it is evil in your eyes to serve theLord, choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve theLord.” The single

Those who Followed 3. Moses

Those who Followed 3. Moses Key text: Exodus 33:11 Number 12:3 Intro: We are in week 3 of our series on those who followed. Tonight we are looking at Moses, a truly remarkable man, with a remarkable birth, childhood, life and ministry. The problem with remarkable people is that we make them bigger than they are and in this miss the lessons of their lives. Moses was simply a man who followed God. and it was in his following God that he became great for God. Many of us want to do great things for God and want to be used in mighty ways for God, but how are we daily, moment by moment being people who just follow God! This doesn’t mean that we are perfect; I mean Moses killed a guy (well ge


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