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Finding God in Desert Places

Introduction When I was 18, God took me on an incredible adventure. I had just moved to Nelspruit with my family, and in that space where I had no friends to keep me company God showed Himself to me. I was filled with His Spirit in such a special way, I spent my days singing praises, and I was always looking for new ways to serve Him. I was bouncing off the walls with joy all day, every day. But then, only a few weeks into that experience, it slowly ended. I felt dry, I felt alone, and I was completely confused. What do you do when God feels far away? “God, are you avoiding me? Where are you when I need you?” (Psalm 10:1 MSG) Have you ever felt like this? I was reading an article, and here i

Holding on to Faith in Desperate Times 1. When Nothing Seems to Make Sense

Holding on to Faith in Desperate Times 1. When Nothing Seems To Make Sense Habakkuk 1: 1 - 11 When you look at the questions of life and death, and when you consider the problems of this death-sentenced generation, even the most fervent believer looks up to the heavens and cries out, Why? Why me? Why now? Why this? Why? The question rings across the centuries and through every generation. All of us ask it sooner or later. If you haven't yet, you will. It's a question that does not have an easy answer. Indeed, the godliest believers have sometimes wondered about the ways of God. If Job never got a complete answer, what can I expect? As I read the Bible, I don't think there is one single answe

Breaking Points - Wait on the Lord

Isaiah 40: 28 – 31 Everyone has a story to tell, even the people who seem to smile all the time. Some people look so well-adjusted and happy that you think they don't have a care in the world. But they do. If you work with people long enough, you discover that even the "perfect" people know all about sorrow and heartache - sadness or failure. A story of a broken marriage, a child with an incurable disease, alcohol abuse, crushing financial disaster, loved ones far from God, dreams dashed on the jagged rocks of reality. All of us come to a breaking point sooner or later. Those moments that change the course of life forever. Many things can happen so quickly. The phone rings and a voice says,

God Wrote a Book

God Wrote a Book Key Text: 1 Timothy 3:15-17 Intro: The thought that John Piper introduces here has absolutely captured me since I saw it the other day. God wrote a book! When we stop to actually process that it become more and more profound every time we think about it! God of the universe; God who spoke and it was; God who nothing is impossible; God who is completely powerful; wrote a book Tonight I want us to fall in love again with the God of this book; and see that He wrote a book so that we could see Him and know Him. He wrote a book so that - as Piper puts – we can see the real world! 2 Timothy 3:16 tells us of the privilege that the Bible is to us So won’t you turn there? The profoun

Broken week 2. Our Brokenness

Broken Week 2 Our Brokenness Key text: 2 Corinthians 5:17-19 Intro Last week we addressed your problem (that you are essentially broken) and touched base on the solution (Jesus Christ alone). This week I want us to look at how understanding our brokenness and seeing Christ as the one who brings us wholeness is the key to our togetherness in all aspects of life. Let’s turn to 2 Corinthians 5:17-19 if you have your Bibles here. As you are turning there I have to address a reality that you are going through. We seem to live two lives; one is the one we want to be the one we show the world, and the other is the life that we hide from the world and hope no one will ever find out about. I want to

Daniel - Surviving and Thriving in a pagan world

Daniel 6 There are many men and women of integrity in the Bible. Any Old Testament list would have to include Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Ruth, David, Nathan, Jehoshaphat, Elijah, Esther, Ezra, Nehemiah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Zerubbabel, Haggai and Malachi. These men and women stand like mountains towering over the flatland of unbelief, compromise and idolatry. But for showing us to survive and thrive in a pagan world, there is no better example than Daniel. He spent almost his whole life serving God in a pagan land under pagan kings in a totally pagan culture. And he never compromised his faith. Not even once. You can tell a lot about a person by the quality of his enemies. Daniel must have been a

Broken 1. My Brokenness

Broken week 1: My Brokenness Key text: Romans 3:9, 21-24 Intro The greatest enemy of the gospel is not the evil of man but the idea that man is essentially good. Today let’s talk about that. We live in strange times don’t we? Often as I talk to people about the times we find ourselves in the statement is made “strange times isn’t it?” or “the worlds in trouble isn’t it?” But what I always find strange about that statement even when I make it is has the world ever been in a good time? Every generation has their problems, and in the eyes of the older generation the younger generation is worse than the last; by that logic the world should had descended into absolute and unrecoverable anarch

Got Questions week 4

Got Questions week 4: The Ultimate Questions: Who is Jesus? Intro: As we wrap up our series “Got Questions” we have to ask the ultimate question “Who is Jesus?” This question supersedes all other questions; because depending on who he is changes everything. So let’s get right into it. Let’s asked the most obvious question; Jesus: A Historical Person? Did Jesus actually exist? Was He a historical reality? The reality is that Christianity is not a religion of ideas, it is rooted (its fundamental ideals and constructs) are grounded in it being historical. It is not the idea of Jesus dying for you that is the message of the Gospel but the fact that He actually did. In fact German historia


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