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Sanctified Memory

SANCTIFIED MEMORY Tonight we’re going to be looking at the last in the series that I entitled the Sanctified Series. Each week I’ve explained a little bit about what ‘Sanctified’ means, so I’ll just give a brief summary for those of you who haven’t been here for the last few weeks. Sanctification has two meanings: on the one hand, sanctification means ‘to be set apart’ – and as Christians we have been ‘set apart to belong to God.’ When we become Christians we are sanctified, no matter our lifestyles, actions, whatever. Paul even called the Corinthian Christians ‘sanctified’. On the other hand, it’s also dynamic. God isn’t satisfied with us remaining as we are when we come to Christ, He calls

Sanctified Ambition

SANCTIFIED AMBITION POINT 1 – WHAT IS SANCTIFICATION? Tonight I’m continuing my series on the sanctified life, and we’re going to be looking at sanctified ambition. But before we start, maybe you’d ask me, ‘What is ‘sanctified’? What does it mean?’ Let’s take a further look at what ‘Sanctified’ means. Sanctification has two meanings. On the one hand, it means to be set apart. And in terms of our Christianity, to be sanctified means to be set apart for God. We who are sanctified are set apart to belong to God. You can imagine in terms of a surgeon, he takes his scalpels and he sanctifies them by separating them from the cheese sandwich he plans to have for lunch. Okay, there’s my cheese sandw

Sanctified Imagination

Key Verse: Romans 12:2, “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” THE SANCTIFIED IMAGINATION INTRODUCTION – What sanctified means Tonight we’re going to be starting a new series on the sanctified life. I’ll explain what that means in a minute, but to start off I’d like to say we’re going to have a lot of fun in tonight’s message. It’ll be a little different, but I’m going to ask you to just relax and enjoy. Let’s start with prayer. First of all, ‘the Sanctified Series’. Maybe some of you know what ‘sanctified’ means. But quite a few of you don’t. I’d love to have chosen a different word. I didn’t just use ‘sanctified’ because then I have ‘Sanctified Series’ – even though alliteration ga


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