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The Pursuit of God

Psalm 27: 1 - 6 All of us are seekers. Within all of us there are those things which we desire. We all have goals; we all have dreams. And we are all hopeful that those dreams may one day come true. What is it you seek? Are the things which we seek worth seeking? Some of the things we seek may not be in the Lord’s will for us. Some of those things may even hurt us were we to acquire them. So we must be careful to evaluate what we seek in light of the worthiness of that thing. We must also ask ourselves the question of why we seek those things. The fact is that all of us are involved in the living of life. But in the process, we find that things don’t always go smoothly. The road of life

The Undivided Heart

Psalm 86: 11 The translators are divided on how to translate this phrase. NASB - "Unite my heart to fear your name." CEV –“Make my heart focused only on honouring your name.” ERV - “Help me make worshiping your name the most important thing in my life.” MSG -colourful - “Put me together, one heart and mind; then, undivided, I’ll worship in joyful fear.” I like that because it sounds like the way I often feel: “Put me together, Lord, because right now my life is scattered in a thousand directions.” Most days my heart doesn’t seem “undivided,” and it certainly feels like it needs some kind of “uniting."So I like this phrase both ways: “Unite my heart to fear your name.” “Give me an undivided

Three Hard Words That Could Change Your Life

Luke 15: 21 Lying has almost become a non-issue today. Everyone lies, and they lie all the time. It’s almost as if it’s not a sin to lie anymore. Perhaps it is a sign of postmodern relativism that we have come to accept that lying isn’t wrong. Or perhaps it is just a fulfilment of Romans 3:13, “Their throat is an open grave; they use their tongues to deceive.” “You can’t help a liar. You can help anyone struggling with any sort of sin as long as they tell the truth. But you can’t help a liar because you can’t trust anything he says.” The situation is compounded by the fact that when most of us get caught, we confess as little as possible. That’s a human problem. One sign of true repentance

Our Church 2013 – 2. The Challenges to the Contemporary Church

The Bible calls the church to reject conformity and live in holy worldliness John 14: 6; Acts 4: 12; Romans 12: 2; 1 Peter 1: 16 The church has a double calling: on the one hand to live in the world, and on the other not to conform to the world. The first is a call to worldliness, as opposed to otherworldliness—getting involved in the life of the world around us. The second is the call to holiness. We are not free to respond to one call without the other. We cannot keep our holiness by escaping from the world, nor may we sacrifice our holiness by conforming to the world. Escapism and conformism are forbidden to Christians. Instead we are to combine both callings to involvement and to separ

Our Church 2013 – 1. The Characteristics of a Renewed Church

Four things about the church that should never change Acts 2: 42 - 47 In the New Testament, church means "people," not "buildings." The church lies at the very heart of God's eternal purpose. God's purpose is not merely to save isolated individuals and so perpetuate our loneliness. God's purpose is to build a church, to build a redeemed people for his own glory. We're concerned about the renewal of the church, and we're concerned about the vision of what the church is intended to be. So I want to ask this question this morning: What are the chief distinguishing marks of the church? It would be interesting, if we had time, to sit down alongside one another and answer that question. What are


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