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Keep On Believing! 6. If God is Sovereign, Why Pray?

Matthew 6: 8 If we don’t dispute the sovereignty of God, then where and how does prayer fit into God’s plan? Why should we bother praying if God has already determined the answers before we start to pray? I suppose that most Christians have wondered about that question at one time or another. Certainly sceptics have thrown it in our faces to discourage us from seeking the Lord in times of crisis. If God is sovereign, why should we pray at all? Here are 7 statements that will help us think wisely about this question: 1. God invites us to ask for what we need. We are told to ask, to seek, to knock (Matthew 7: 7, 8). Psalm 81: 10 - the Lord promises, “Open wide your mouth and I will fill it.

Keep On Believing! 5. The Sensitivity of Jesus

Luke 8: 42 - 48 Have you ever felt so exhausted that you couldn’t go on? This story captured the imagination of the early church. A large tradition arose around this story, including the name of the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment. In the Greek church her name was Bernice; in the Latin church it was Veronica. Eusebius says that she was a Gentile from Caesarea Philippi and that when she returned home after her healing, she erected a statue of Jesus in her front yard. This is interesting speculation, but is does point out the hold this story had on the early church. We have a miracle within a miracle. In all 3 accounts (Matthew 9, Mark 5, Luke 8) this miracle takes place within t

Keep On Believing! 4. Can We Still Believe in Romans 8: 28?

Romans 8: 28 Do all things really work together for good? Consider the following - A seemingly healthy 12-year-old girl develops severe migraine headaches. On Friday she is taken to hospital; on Saturday she dies. Her father calls her “the sunshine of my life.” A young boy goes with his church youth group on an outing. That night he comes down with a fever. The next morning he has trouble breath­ing and his mother calls the doctor. By the time the ambulance gets there, he has stopped breathing. The doctor does everything he can, but the boy dies from a bacterial infection. A man feels the call of God to go into the ministry. He leaves his good job to enter seminary. His wife takes a job t

Keep On Believing! 3. The Mystery of Unanswered Prayer

2 Corinthians 12: 7 - 9 Where Is God When We Need Him? Of all the things that weigh us down, perhaps no burden is greater than the silence of God. A godly mother prays for her wayward son. He was raised in the church, he went to Sunday school, he knows the Bible-but when he left home, he left it all behind. For many years his mother has prayed for him, but to this day he remains a prodigal son. A wife prays for her husband, who left her after 23 years of marriage for a younger woman. He seems utterly unreachable, and the marriage heads swiftly for divorce. A husband prays for his wife, who has terminal cancer. She has 6, maybe 7 months to live. None of the treatments stop the rampaging tu


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