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New Testament Postcards – 4. Acts of the Apostates

Jude 1 - 25 Begin with a word we don’t often use - “apostate” - noun that describes a particular kind of person. Greek word literally means “to fall away from.” NT - this word refers to a person who knows the truth and then deliberately falls away from it. An apostate knows the truth and intentionally embraces falsehood. In biblical terms, an apostate is anyone who claims to be a Christian and yet denies the fundamental truths of the Christian faith. N T contains many warnings about apostates and the danger they pose. Sermon on the Mount - Jesus spoke of wolves in sheep’s clothing (Matthew 7: 15). Apostle Paul picked up on that image and warned the Ephesian elders that after his departure

New Testament Postcards – 3. Love in Action - A Tale of Three Men

3 John v. 1 speaks of Gaius—the man to whom John wrote his letter. v. 9 speaks of Diotrophes—an opponent of John. v. 12 speaks of Demetrius—a good and faithful man. Last Sunday - What should you do when false teachers come knocking at your door? This week - What should you do when godly teachers come to your door? Last week was about the bad guys, this week is about the good guys. Last week — Truth in action. This week —Love in action. This short letter contains a fascinating snapshot of 3 personalities in 1 first-century church. We don’t know where the church was located (we assume modern-day Turkey) or when the letter was written (we assume AD 80 - 95) but we do have these 3 names. 1.

New Testament Postcards – 2. Balancing Truth and Love

2 John This little letter contains one of the strongest warnings in the NT – v. 10. If a false teacher comes to your house, do not receive him (do nothing that appears to give him support), and do not greet him (do nothing that will identify you with him or his false teaching). v.11 - God’s opinion - If you receive and greet such a person, you share in his evil deeds. These are exceedingly strong words and one can wonder why John should feel impressed to write so bluntly. I think I know the answer. The longer we condone error, the easier it is to compromise. Little by little we become conditioned to moral decline and intellectual apostasy until it no longer seems so wrong to us. What we do

New Testament Postcards – 1. Philemon – Put That On My Account

Philemon 1 - 25 We are beginning a new series called New Testament Postcards based on the 4 - 1-chapter books in the NT - Philemon, 2 John, 3 John, Jude. Have 2 things in common: They have one chapter and they are the least-read books in the NT. Perhaps because of their length we tend to flip right past them and assume that they don’t have anything important to say to us today. Philemon - only 25 verses tucked between Titus and Hebrews - so short that you’ll never find it by accident. 1. Three Names to Remember We can sum up the book by mentioning 3 names to remember. A. Paul - the apostle - author - he is in prison in Rome. B. Philemon - Christian slaveowner - lives in Colosse - close

Transformed Church - r12 8. Hot Coals : Loving Those You'd Rather Hate

Romans 12: 17 - 21 You can’t always stop people from hating you, but you don’t have to hate them back. You can’t always make people love you, but you can always love them back. Jesus gave us the principle that we call the Golden Rule - “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matthew 7: 12). Treat people as you would like to be treated. Speak to them as you would like to be spoken to. Grant them the honour that you wish they would grant to you. Give them the respect you desire for yourself. Offer them the kindness that you wish they would offer you. Here Paul expands upon the Golden Rule and applies it to the hardest of all hard cases. How do you respond to those people who bad


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