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We Have Overcome! 8. Overcoming Discontentment

1 Corinthians 7: 17 - 35 Ever since the beginning of creation, there has always been someone, somewhere, unhappy with his position in the universe. It all started with an angel named Lucifer, the brightest star of the heavens, who was not satisfied to be the apex of God’s creation. He wanted something more. His seething discontentment caused him to lead a rebellion against the Most High. One-third of the angels joined with him in his quest to overthrow the Throne of the Lord. For his rebellion, he and his followers were kicked out of heaven. Ever since that dark day, he has been known as Satan and the devil, and he has been the enemy of God and all his works. Discontentment made him do it

We Have Overcome! 7. Overcoming Disappointments

Ezra 3 The year is 537 BC. The place is Jerusalem. The Jews have just returned from a long captivity in Babylon. Some have been gone from their homeland for 70 years. Others for 50 years. They were sent into captivity as part of God’s judgment on generations of disobedience. Now at last the first wave of Jews is returning to the land. But everything has changed. The countryside is in the hands of their enemies. The city of Jerusalem lies in ruins. The walls have been torn down and buildings have been looted. Worst of all, the temple built by Solomon 500 years earlier is no more. It’s gone. Utterly destroyed. The Babylonians took the gold and the silver and everything else of value. The Ark

We Have Overcome! 6. Overcoming the Fear of the Future (New Year)

Esther 4 Current headlines tell a chilling story: “The High Cost of Peace” - “Terrorism on the High Seas” - “Predictions in Perilous Times.” The last headline is arresting - “In the last days perilous times shall come” (2 Timothy 3: 1 KJV). These are indeed “perilous times” in many ways. Yet life goes on, a bit uncertainly, but we all have our business to attend to. There are classes to teach, orders to fill, patients to see, books to read, games to be played (and watched), papers to write, bills to pay, medicine to take, songs to sing, meals to prepare, and beyond that, there are the closer concerns of marriage and children and friends and family members. If you were to write down your 3

New Year 2012 – His Love Endures Forever

Psalm 136 When you are young, you feel invincible. I have always thought this was a good thing, this feeling of being strong and brave and able to conquer any obstacle, because it gives to the young the courage to attempt great things. It is a pity that youth is wasted on the young. By the time we gain the wisdom that comes from experience, we have lost that innocent and carefree spirit. Sometimes we gain that wisdom from our children. In times of great crisis we discover what we really believe. We can smile through our tears because we know that our God is good. We have to find out who God is so that we will be strong when the winds of sorrow blow against us. Good theology does that for u

New Year 2012 – Can God Set a Table in the Wilderness?

Psalm 78: 17 - 31 “They spoke against God, saying, ‘Can God spread a table in the desert?’”Psalm 78: 19 No, he can’t. God can’t set a table in the wilderness. Foolish question. The wilderness is where you go to die. So the answer is no. God can’t set a table in the wilderness. Or if he can, he won’t. So what’s the difference? So said God’s people, speaking against God. This is what happens whenever you forget what God has done. The wilderness is a fearful place to be. Nothing but barren hills, deep valleys and sun-baked, gray clay that seems to go on forever. A man without supplies wouldn’t last long in the wilderness. A million-plus people wandering around would soon starve to death. Th


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