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Powerful Praying with Paul – 4. How to Pray with Power

Colossians 1: 9 - 14 This particular prayer by the Apostle Paul contains 143 words in the NIV, 171 words in the NLT, 223 words in the Amplified Bible. Like several of his other prayers, it is one long sentence in Greek—filled with participles, infinitives, and clauses that seem to pile on top of each other. Even though the NIV breaks it down into 3 sentences, that doesn’t help very much. Paul packed a lot into these 6 verses. If you read it out loud, the whole prayer takes about a minute to read. I’m sure that this is a Reader’s Digest version in which Paul gives us a summary of what was probably a much longer prayer. You could take any phrase in this prayer and form a prayer around it. It i

Powerful Praying with Paul – 3. Don't Settle for Second-Best

Philippians 1: 9 - 11 I want to give you some very practical advice that could energise your prayer life. Here are 3 opening observations to think about: 1. Prayer is both the easiest and hardest discipline of the Christian life. It is the easiest in that the youngest child and the newest Christian can learn to pray. But it is also the hardest discipline - most difficult to maintain over a long period of time. 2. Almost everyone prays and almost everyone feels they could improve in this area. Even in our best moments, we still must admit that we have barely begun in the arena of prayer. 3. Prayer presents us with problems - we are faced with difficult questions regarding the sovereignty of G

Powerful Praying with Paul – 2. Beyond Your Dreams

Ephesians 3:14-21 One of the best ways to learn how to pray is to study the prayers of the Bible. We learn a great deal about the content of prayer and the intensity with which we should pray. Content is obvious but the concept of intensity may be new to some people. Moses, Daniel, David, Paul - prayed with fire in their souls. Prayer - The Window of the Soul What we pray for, we care for. We all pray for what concerns us. The reverse is also true. What we don’t pray about, we don’t care about. We cannot escape this truth. We can say all we want about how much something means to us, but if we never bring it before God in prayer, we cannot truly say that we care deeply about it. At least 3 th

Powerful Praying with Paul – 1. Open My Eyes, Lord

Ephesians 1: 15 - 23 I wonder if we would be happy if our prayers were published for others to read. In this series we’re looking at the “published” prayers of Paul. It takes courage to write down your prayers, but these prayers deserve to be studied because they are unlike most of our prayers. They set a very high standard, which if followed, would radically transform our own prayers. I am making 3 assumptions as I begin: 1. Most people pray. 2. Most of us feel inadequate in prayer. 3. Most of us would like some practical help in prayer. That’s what this series is all about. As we study the prayers of Paul, we are going to discover new patterns of prayer that will help us talk to God more e


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