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Absolute Praise – 2. What God Remembers That We Forget

Psalm 103: 6 - 18 “He remembers that we are dust” v. 14 - Have you wondered what God really thinks about you? Our greatest barrier to knowing God better may be how much we know about how much God knows about us. We struggle with God because we feel so bad about ourselves, and if we know the truth about ourselves, think of how much more God knows us! We can’t fool him. Sometimes we don’t want to pray or read the Bible or think about God because when we look in the mirror, we feel like saying, “You’re a big disappointment” or “You ought to be a lot better by now.” We’ve all felt that way from time to time. It’s been a hard week, or a bad month, and we’ve passed the end of what seems like a was

Absolute Praise – 1. The Blessed Benefits

Psalm 103: 1 - 5 In his runaway bestseller The One Minute Manager, Ken Blanchard recommends that leaders develop the practice of the “one-minute praising” in which they “catch them (their employees) doing something right.” We’re all used to bosses who catch us doing something wrong. How rare it is to be praised when we have done something well. Blanchard’s idea is to “catch them doing something right” and then give them a one-minute praising right on the spot. Don’t wait, he says, because waiting takes away the impact. Tell them right then, right there, how much you appreciate the good job they are doing. This actually is more difficult that it appears. Most of us are better at criticism tha

What a Faithful God - 6. Faithful to Every Generation

Psalm 100 "Every experience God gives us, every person he puts in our lives, is the perfect preparation for the future that only he can see." Corrie Ten Boom Over 21 years ago we were sitting at home wondering and waiting to hear if the church here would call me to be the pastor. Now let’s turn things around and talk about today from the standpoint of 21 years ago. I could not have dreamed of all that would happen in the last 21 years. I’m sure I didn’t think I would even last this long if I did come to Wilro Park. Yet here we are after 21 years with who knows how many years are still in front of us. If I ask what has changed in the last 21 years, the answer is nothing and everything. Back

What a Faithful God - 5. Faithful to Finish His Work

There are miracles all around us if only we had eyes to see them. Our problem is that we look for outward, spectacular results when God’s work, like the tiny mustard seed, begins in a hidden place inside the human heart. As wonderful as reports of physical healing are—and I thank God that he still heals in answer to prayer today—the greater miracle is the transformation of a sinner into a saint by the grace of God. Someone - "I started to hear the faint sounds of hammering and sawing inside." If you have been a believer for any length of time, you already know about that hammering and sawing inside your own life. Theologians have a big word for it. They call it "sanctification." It’s the wo


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