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Welcome to our online Discipleland. Each week we will post  a video lesson and some questions or activities    that you can lead your kids through. 

There are two sections below:

The first is for the older children (primary school children) and will be led by teacher Elke    each week.

Below that is for the smaller children (3years to 6 years) and will be led by teacher Kate each each. 

We hope that it is a blessing to your little ones and that they grow in the knowledge of the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Discipleland kids video (primary school kids - Elke)

Little ones (preschool class - Kate)

Welcome to the Wilro Park Sunday School preschool class! These lessons are created for kids between 3 and 6 years to learn more about God and the wonderful things he has done. Each week the video will be about 10 minutes long. I will read the story from our class bible, we will watch an animated re-telling of the story, and there will be some songs. Encourage your child to sing and dance if they want to! 


I’d encourage you to browse through the lesson before sitting down with your child, so that you can get together any materials for the craft, game or activity of the week. (If you don’t have a printer, and would like copies of the pages in advance, please let me know). I love to get pictures of your kids doing the activities! 


Teacher Kate 

Hi everybody,

Our story this week is about Moses as he has grown up. Depending on your child, you might want to read the them whole story in Exodus 2-4, as our children’s bible does leave some of the story out. Moses stood up for his people, the Israelites, against the oppressive Egyptians, but then he had to run away, kind of like Jacob. While he was in the desert, God got his attention with a burning bush!

During this week, take some time to talk with your child about why it’s important to be obedient the first time that we are asked to do something (that’s a lesson we hope that all of our children will learn!). Moses was kind of whiny!

Play a listening game - stand out of sight of your child and see how quietly you can speak that they can still hear you. Then have them listen while humming, and then while singing. Can they still hear you speaking in your quietest voice? You can talk with them about why it is important for us to take time to be quiet with God. Otherwise the business of our day can make it so that we can’t hear him. That’s why God had to light a bush on fire to get Moses’ attention!

If you have a printer, you can color in our picture for this week. If not, draw a bush, give your kid all of the fire colors and let them go crazy!


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